Consumer Complaints

Thank you Permits and Visas

I’ll like to thank Permits and Visas for all that they’ve done for me, but I really wish that they could speed up their process. Even when I called them multiple times they would always help me with my queries. It wasn’t really easy for me to wait for them to help in complete the visa application process. Even my consultant who had got me registered also helped at times when I could not reach my case manager.
- Eleuterio Snell

No Complaint again Permits and Visas Services

I understand the fact that Denmark are very strict with things like obtaining a Danish Green Card. It although it was a long wait, things when by smoothly. But I would not prefer Denmark as a country to settle with family.
- Parvez Khan

Permits and Visas are really doing a great job - No Complain

I feel that although the people at Permits and Visas are really doing a great job, I did not experience a great involvement of my case manager as it was me who had to always call. Mixed emotions.
- Nahid Hashan

Happy with Services of Permits and Visas

I was going through scattered information by contacting every consultant, I was total negative when I seen some of the reviews. But my consultant from Permits and Visas cleared all my negatives. The one thing they need to improve on their receipts that they give. It does not look professional. They should also give us more IELTS preparation materials.
- Sayed Mahomud

Permits and Visas Services Excellent - No Chance for Complain

I have been patient during the process. It was not a lengthy process but I was not happy with the overall service factor. I think they should also be concerned about us as we do not know much about the process. After changing a lot of case managers I thought my visa application will not be successful. But still they managed to document my information and I got the visa.
- Tedros Awad

Permits and Visas Consultant in Dubai Good

I did not want to use this source of complaining about their services. But still I am because they as the rest of the applicants must know it. Do not lose hope during the process even if you are not satisfied. I noticed they did work on my application as I received my visa when I was not at all expecting.
- Ishfaq Rashid