Consumer Feedback

Outstanding Work Experience with Permits and Visas

The professionalism with which they worked was outstanding, their dedication towards my PR visa case for Immigration to Canada is immensely appreciated. They were always very supportive throughout the application process. The Permits and Visas consultant has been always extremely diligent and dedicated professionals. They worked incessantly throughout the entire case efficiently and has been always proactive to keep the loop at every stage. If it was not the expert team of Permits and Visas I would not have had enjoyed such great experience through the visa process.
- Raju shrestha

Permits and Visas was extremely wonderful

The experience I received at Permits and Visas was extremely wonderful. The expert team has been an extremely diligent and dedicated person. Their eye for details is commendable and nothing went unnoticed. They worked with that dedication throughout the case processing very efficiently and has also been proactive to keep us in the loop at each stage. If it was not the expert team at Permits and Visas I am sure I would not have had such a great experience through this process. Thanks to the entire team for your hard work and handing over my Canada PR visa within very short period of time.
- Sakib Ansari

Thanks to the entire team at Permits and Visas

Permits and Visas made my New Zealand PR visa possible for me and for my family. Before approaching them, I was told by other agents that my PR was not easy, but Permits and Visas made it possible within 6 months to get our PR applications approved. The help and assistance provided throughout the entire process were professionals by the experts and visa consultant. They are available around the clock with any queries and question. They are very quick in responding to emails or either to phone calls. I would extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire team at Permits and Visas!
- Rene Rose

Appreciate professionalism and dedication of Permits and Visas Team Dubai

I truly appreciate the level of professionalism and dedication the team at Permits and Visas assisted me in securing Canada Permanent Visa. I can say it my luck that I found the Immigration Consultant online, as I was rigorously searching for the genuine consultant, without any recommendations. However, it was the best decision I had ever made as I could not expect a better outcome that could have happened. With great efforts of the expert team has put in to facilitate my visa application, successfully I was able to obtain the state nominated skills sponsorship, so that I could forward my permanent Resident visa application. It would not have been possible at all in succeeding the visa application without this sponsorship. I believe it was experts team high level of knowledge and his attention to details that had contributed to the positive outcome.
- Sk Shakher