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Permits and Visas Review

If you are looking for a visa agency that is transparent, efficient and filled with professional staff, Permits and Visas is the place to be. My experience with that is one that I can’t forget in a hurry. I am in New Zealand today because they helped me. I would have made a blunder by applying for the wrong visa if not that they advised me. I thought I knew a lot until I met these guys, they are sound and knowledgeable about New Zealand immigration matters. I recommend their services. .
- Kevin Grace

Permits and Visas Reviews

Permits and Visas took away all the immigration stress from off our shoulders. The team did a good job at calming all our anxiety and fears when it seemed as if things were moving too slowly and we thought we had been forgotten. While they were helping us sort out the paperwork, we were able to get busy with preparations for our Canada move. We got packing and looking for buyers for our house. By the time our visas were ready, were also ready to move and within 7 months, were moved into Canada and settled fine. Thanks a lot to Permits and Visas for making this a reality. .
- Vishal Singh

Fantastic advice and support by Permits and Visas

Permits and Visas provides absolutely fantastic advice and support! I was so confused as how to start with our visa application but after contacting the expert at Permits and Visas they helped us decide which visa to go with, how to fill the visa application forms, collect the correct evidence and they kept us know at every stage of the process. Every doubts and questions however small or trivial, we answered and clarified in a quick time. There was no problem from start to finish. They are expertise and very professionalism with the work related to the immigration procedure and made us feel so comfortable and at ease. I would like to thank to the entire team for having granted my Australia PR Visa successfully through whose help, advice and support they have made ease the daunting process of Visa Application.
- Jennylene Roche

Thankful to the entire team at Permits and Visas

Permits and Visas always provide efficient, fast and professional service in enabling us to emigrate to Canada. From the time I applied for my visa application I have dealt predominantly with the expert team and consultant who are always extremely proactive and has taken the stress of us, in being able to process our visa application. They have granted our visa within very short period and today I am extremely happy that I am in Canada without any hurdles regarding my migration. The Canada PR Visa service was very efficient, smooth, and friendly and the queries are being answered very quickly. Without their help, the process would have been extremely daunting without the professional help that was rendered. I am extremely thankful to the entire team at Permits and Visas.
- Nicole Mohaia

Recommended Permits and Visas Immigration Services

I need to express gratitude toward Permits and Visas on some piece of my whole family for offering us PR visa for Canada. At first, I had connected for my talented PR visa for Canada and they conceded me my visa in an auspicious way. With my effective settlement in the nation, I again drew nearer their group for the PR visa of my family too. Their group this time also guided and helped us in an agreeable way and helped my family too to relocate and settle with me. My Permits and Visas audit is that, they are best migration Consultants office and the most trusted visa accomplices. I have no Immigration grumblings. I am cheerful to have them as my visa accomplices.
- Rahman Hassan