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Permits and Visas Reviews

My wife and I had done a bit of research about migrating to New Zealand and we were pretty confident that we have good chances of qualifying for visas under the skilled migrant category. We were wise enough however to commit the paperwork to Permits and Visas who helped us by making sure we didn’t blow our chances by making mistakes. The Permits and Visas team were very profession in their approach and they expedited the process and within 6 months, we were able to get our visas. Thank you so much Permits and Visas.
- Rajesh Mondal

Permits and Visas Customer Reviews

After I had decided to use the services of a visa agent to help me in my move to Australia, I had to face the bewildering choices of visa agencies, both big and small, that are based in Australia and the UK. I however tried my best to filter through to Permits and Visas, a decision that paid off because in no time, I was able to get my visa and I know this wouldn’t have been a reality without their help. I recommend the services of Permits and Visas to everyone who need their Australian visa without hassles. They are professional, experienced and knowledgeable and they are very courteous and understanding.
- Reshma Nair

Thank you so mcuh Permits and Visas

When I decided to migrate to Canada, my major concern was my eligibility. I didn’t really know if I will be eligible and I didn’t want to through away my money for a venture I wasn’t going to qualify for. So I approached Permits and Visas to help with that. They checked my qualifications, age and documents and told me to relax. They took up my case and processed everything for me. In no time, my visa was out. It was like a miracle really. If I had known it could be that easy, I would have been in Canada before now. Thank you so much Permits and Visas.
- Sohail Shaikh

Appreciate Permits and Visas visa immigration services

I really appreciate the visa services that Permits and Visas offered to me. They are the best in the industry according to me and their approach towards the clients is valuable. I really thank the entire team for their support and assistance.
- Vishnu Rastogi

Permits and Visas offer best Immigration Services for Canada

Permits and Visas in my view offer the best Immigration Services for Canada. They are highly professional and have great understanding of the immigration laws. I am really thankful to their entire team for helping me get my visa approved.
- Malinda Rosales

Permits and Visas are Best Australian Visa Consultant

Permits and Visas in my view is the best visa service provider for Australia. Their services are best of all and their assistance is highly value adding. For me they are the best!! 🙂 It is because of them I am successfully settled in Canada.
- Amal Batra

Excellent Immigration help from Permits and Visas

Getting my visa application processed with Permits and Visas they helped me migrate in hassle free manner to Canada. They from the very beginning of the process guided me and helped me file the application properly. Their team is highly experienced and turned out to be the best visa service partners. I am feeling very proud to have been posting this feedback about them. It is only because of their hard work and client centric services that created a comprehensive pathway for me to immigrate to Canada by getting my PR visa.
- Michael Lubos

Totally Satisfied with Permits and Visas Services

I am really happy to post this feedback about Permits and Visas. It is going to be a year when I applied for my PR visa for Australia with them. Their team guided me in the best possible manner and helped me fulfill my dream without much pain.
- Tareak Zaman

Permits and Visas - Highly recommend to anyone with immigration needs

Working with Permits and Visas was an absolute pleasure. The visa expert and consultant were very professional and were highly knowledgeable about the laws and procedures extremely-were way beyond my expectations. Our Canada visa application went very smoothly with their guiding and I was extremely pleased with their services. The charges for their services were reasonable with no hidden charges. Every step of the process was exceptionally smooth and had no problems regarding the visa. The experts of the Permits and Visas worked hard to deliver my Canada visa in a timely manner with ease. I would highly recommend to anyone with immigration needs.
- Akakpo