How to check your eligibility for canada PR status

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Canada PR status is basis of point based immigration system. These points are calculated based on the Candidate personal information like : Age, Language proficiency, Education, Work Experience and adaptability.

Comprehensive Ranking system score is set based on these points which are allotted to the candidate. For every individual candidate these scores are different because it’s depending on their capabilities and credentials.

After that based on point calculation minimum eligibility of the candidate is determined by the IRCC and announced under the Express Entry Draws. Only minimum score points candidate require as per the Express Entry Draws will become eligible to apply for the PR status.

Factors which affect the points are :

Age : if your age is between 25 to 35 years of years than You are eligible for high score.

Education: If you have higher education and have good results with degrees from a recognized university than you are eligible for high scores.

Language Proficiency: IELTS (International English Language Testing System)is the globally recognized test that assess the English language proficiency level of the applicants and subsequently, allocates them proficiency scores.

Work Experience: if you have skilled workers and also having good work experience than it’s advantage to make you eligible for good points.

Adaptability: You are eligible for high points if you having a sibling already settled in Canada.

The twelfth Express Entry draw for permanent residency candidates in 2018 has taken place, with 3,750 candidates set to receive an invitation to apply (ITA), making the June 13 draw the largest so far this year. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) cut-off threshold for this draw stood at 451 points.

Candidates can directly apply for their desired province For permanent resident visa through PNP programs offered by Canada immigration authority (IRCC).

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