Negative Feedback


I find that Singaporeans are much more arrogant compared to residents of other Asian countries and it is very frustrating especially because I have no choice but to stop over in Singapore because I'm a Singaporean myself. Very poor customer service skills and l also find that Singaporeans are more racially biased compared to any other multicultural country that I have visited. Singapore promotes itself as a multicultural nation but this is very far from being true. All I can say is that I am very ashamed of being a Singaporean and am so glad that I'm not residing in a country where people lack common courtesy and manners.
- Shijith Maharjan

I hated that country everything there is a rip off. The attractions there of course don't worth their price at all. You will be scammed in a fancy way and after your trip to Singapore finishes you will say damn I flushed my money. They are like a super expensive America branch.
- Raj Anwar

Berlin was the most relaxed place I have ever worked. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good because people never experience a really intense, aggressive workplace.But when you move there from UK based work culture it is very difficult to adapt as the staff have no "get it done" culture and a lot of things get missed without having the ability to push people to hard. The hardest part of the job is adapting to the Berlin way of working. It is extremely difficult to get used to, as it is like no other place.
- Azeem Amin

Panama is one of those unpopular but unique destinations of the world. Panama boasts of being the 3rd to 4th largest economy in the whole of Central Americas and is also widely known as one of the economies with the largest per-capita consumers in the whole of Central America. But In Panama Health-care is very inexpensive. An office visit for a dentist, with a cleaning and exam is anywhere from $25 to $45.
- Faisal Ahmad