Negative Reviews

I heard a lot of negative things about Denmark, but still it was my choice to apply for Denmark as it is a beautiful country. But I am facing difficulties in communication as I do not speak the language. The life there is difficult and you do not get the passport of the country very easily.
- Amal Manohar

My friends live in Hong Kong and therefore I felt I should be joining them and working there. I eventually succeeded with my visa and found a job. But I was not as happy as I though as there are limitations and you would not prefer going out of your house.
- Joselito Rosales

I tried a lot to apply for Singapore. It took me a long time and I spent a lot of my time to get this done. But to my surprise these countries and good for a visit for a week. You cannot think of living and settling down there. The local food joints are in majority which upsets a foodie.
- Jagbir Singh

I was very eager when I heard I was selected to a job in Germany, I was very excited to go there, but after spending some time I too faced some usual disappointments like language and food which is very important. It is not recommended to be in Germany if you do not speak the language.
- Iqra Mahmood

Panama sounds such a wonderful holiday destination. But the lifestyle is not so good there. I experienced lot of insecurity as there are many fights between small gangs. When you see these things happening in front of you, there is very less peace of mind.
- Sharth Joseph

I have worked in Malaysia and now I work in Dubai. There is a lot of difference when you work in these kinds of countries where you must be eventually spending your holidays. The infrastructure of major cities and expensive are only good to eye. Rest of the places seems to be hit by lack of education and proper planning. You would really feel sick staying in shabby apartments. As these are the only places you can afford when you work with low salary.
- Amjad Saran