New Zealand Work Visa options for overseas students

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New Zealand is well known destinations for everyone because of their nature beauty. It is highly regarded among international students for its high class education and desirable lifestyle. Every one has a dream of having a perfect workplace after the completion of their relevant qualifications. New Zealand is favourite destination of many international students who intend to work there after finishing their studies.

If you need to stay in New Zealand for work, you’ll need a New Zealand Work Visa. It allow international students to stay in New Zealand for work after the attainment of New Zealand qualifications.

A student might get to work in New Zealand for 4 years and even Permanent Residence which depends upon what kind of course the pupil has studied there.

A student who want to obtain the PR visa has to undergo the following two-step process:

The Open Post Study Work Visa:

This Visa Allow Students to stay in New Zealand for one year in order to fetch a job in the field that is relevant to the domain of the pupil’s studies.

The Employer Assisted Post Study Work Visa:

This Visa allows the student to reside in New Zealand for a period of two or three years depending upon whether the requirement of the work experience.

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