Student Visas and Permits for Germany

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If you decided to study abroad Germany then there is good news! You won’t need a German student visa.
If you’re from a non-EU country and you want to study a long-term degree, there are some visa options depending on your nationality:
 Turkish students applying for the German visa;
 Pakistani students applying for the German visa;
 Nigerian students applying for the German visa;
 Indian students applying for the German visa.
How to apply for the student visa
If you are interested in student visa for Germany, you should apply at least three months before your move to the country. The documents you need are:
• application form
• Valid passport
• Two photographs
• Acceptance letter from a German university
• Documents of academic record
• Certificate of German language proficiency or proof that you intend on attending a language course in Germany
• Sufficient funds to support yourself while living in Germany.
• Proof of health insurance.
Apply for a work permit in Germany
The residents of Germany can study without any time limit, whereas Non-EU/EEA students are allowed to work only 120 days or 240 half days during a year. That means 20 hours per week during a semester.
Apply for a permanent residence
The residence permit is required after you arrived in Germany. Only non-EU/EEA and Switzerland citizens who will study a course that will last more than ninety days can apply for a permanent residency. Documents required for a residence permit:
 confirmation of registration
 confirmation of a health insurance coverage
 student ID from the German university

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